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Clip-N-Slip™ | Easy Lazy Shoe Horn

"Love it! These shoehorns make putting on my shoes so much easier. Have a bad hip, making bending over hard. And an added bonus ... they protect the backs of the shoes from bending and cracking."

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Lidya
✅  Verified Buyer

For some people, something as simple as putting on shoes can be a difficult task. Pregnant mothers, seniors, or anyone with mobility issues, to name a few. Some shoes were made with materials that were difficult to wear. This leaves a constant frustration in daily activity.


Introducing Clip-N-Slip, a shoehorn that clips onto your shoe, and allows you to slip your foot in with ease. Clip-N-Slip is a solution for anyone with flexibility issues getting shoes on because these can be used entirely one-handed. Simply clip it on the shoe, put it down, and slip your foot.


How Clip-N-Slip™ Will Change Your life

✅ WORKS WITH  99% OF SHOES: Clip-N-Slip is designed with versatility in mind. Allowing it to work with all family's shoe collections; sneakers, brogues, slip-on, dress shoes, and all. 
✅ PRESERVE THE SHOE: Clip-N-Slip prevents from pulling the back of the shoe when wearing the shoe, allowing you to preserve the fit and shape of the shoe collection.



Product Specification

✓ Available in 4 colors of your choice: Red, blue, grey, white
✓ Comes in 1 set of 2 pieces


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