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Handy Snowflake Star 18-in-1 Multi-Tool


Handy Tool For Everyday Tasks

With a unique ninja star design that actually useful and functional, this tool quickly loved by many.


Because you never know if something break down and need a quick fix. This tool includes every basic screws types for your daily needs.

This little gadget might be a lifesaver in an emergency.



Reasons to Buy This Ninja Tool: 

  • 18-IN-1  MULTI-TOOL: One Multi Tool contains incredible 18 tools. You can do almost anything with this little tool.
  • HANDY: Only 2.3 ounces and just over 2 " diameter, a cool ninja star-shaped, snowflake design, small enough to pack into your bag, or a keychain or necklace pendant.
  • PERFECT MAN GIFT: this little gadget is a perfect man gift that actually functional, also a fun conversational piece.

What To Use It For?

Our multi-tool includes 18 tools, flathead screwdrivers, # 3 and # 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 4, 5, and 6mm Allen screws, 1/4 box cutter in end keys 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and, 14 mm end key. This makes it perfect for:

✔️ Emergency tool if you ride a bike

✔️ Your everyday screwdriver.

✔️ Your bottle opener.

✔️ Bring it for your camping trip.

✔️ Attach it in your keychain.

✔️ A perfect man gift.

Other Specification

  • Available in 4 colors of your choice.
  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Size: 6.4cm x 6.4cm x 0.8cm or 2.52IN x 2.52IN x 0.3IN.


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