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Fake Top Lower Sweep Shirt Extender


Avoid Accidental Over-exposure

Attention ladies, If you love wearing leggings everywhere, this one is for you! This unique lower sweep shirt extender covers your bottoms and lets you run your errands with confidencebecause bottoms should always be covered



Why This Is For You

✅ CONFIDENT COVER-UP: This fake shirt covers your tummy and rears so you can run your errands with confidence and comfort.

✅ LAYERED FASHION: Gives a stylishly layered undershirt fashion when you wear it with your favorite tops, without the uncomfortable bulk.

✅ PERFECT FOR ALL SEASONS: A perfect mix and match for any wardrobe, spring to winter.



And for you, tall girls, pregnant girls, this is perfect for covering your tummy up. This adjustable fake lower sweep comes in 3 different colors and multiple sizes.It is made of premium, high-quality cotton for comfort and lifetime use. This is an unthinkable 'fashion hack' before. 


That's why girls out there are crazy about this shirt extender! It quickly becomes a staple for any girl's wardrobe. With cropped tops and oversize sweaters are coming back, it is a perfect match with this shirt extender. Again girls, leggings are NOT pants. Please, wear this up because no one wants to see that rears of yours. 



Size Chart

Note: This shirt extender runs a little small side. Please check out the size chart below to pick the best fit for you. 

Size  Waist Length
S 64-80 34
M 68-84 36
L 72-88 38
XL 76-96 40
XXL 82-104 43 




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