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CreativeMosaic™ Drill Set | STEM Toy For Kids

Nowadays, children spend more time on screens than ever before, and it's proven to hinder developmental growth overall. It is becoming critical to find hands-on toys that fuel imagination and aid in healthy development. However, a recent study shows that toys with bright lights, loud noises, or do-it-all-already toys inhibit kids' ability to learn new skills and communicate with others. This situation upsets parents who are eager to support their child's development.


CreativeMosaic™ Drill Set is a 237-piece building toy that provides kids with fun and educational activity while keeping them off screens. It immerses kids in building the designs using tools and ignites the little engineer inside them. Perfect for children aged 3 to 8 years old, Creative Mosaic™ boosts creativity, promotes interaction, develops fine motor skills, and builds self-confidence, which benefits the children for the rest of their lives.



How CreativeMosaic™ Drill Set Benefits Your Kids


✅ INSPIRES CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE: The components can be built in two or three dimensions, making unlimited design possibilities. CreativeMosaic™ sparks creativity while also developing problem-solving skills to bring their ideas to life, further boosting their sense of achievement and confidence.


ENHANCES FINE MOTOR SKILLS: CreativeMosaic™ includes drills, spanners, screwdrivers, bolts, and nuts to assemble the pieces, providing hands-on learning using tools. This practical life training helps children improve their fine motor skills, focus, and understanding of how things work.



✅ ENCOURAGES INTERACTION: CreativeMosaic™ engages kids in early collaborative experiences, making it an excellent activity for siblings bonding time. Their little minds work together to build designs, allowing children to interact positively with others while strengthening the family bond.


✅ FOSTER IMAGINATIVE PLAY: CreativeMosaic™ inspires children to carve out a place in their imaginary universe. It stimulates their minds to create mental images of endless designs, further growing their spatial visualization skills.



HOURS OF FUN CHALLENGES: With an infinite number of possible creations, CreativeMosaic™ promises hours of entertainment for kids. This building toy helps reduce screen time and trains children to independently entertain themselves, ultimately, giving parents peace of mind to see kids engaged in a beneficial screen-free activity.



We understand the helplessness we feel every time we allow our children to use screens and our guilt knowing that it harms their development. However, searching a child's interest in screen-free activity can be frustrating as we frequently discover our children uninspired and bored. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health shows that children spending approximately two hours on screens have lower reasoning and language processing capability.


Thankfully, CreativeMosaic™ Drill Set helps kids discover their passion for engineering utilizing the 237 puzzle pieces and hand tools. It allows kids to have an initiative for self-learning the fantastic world of engineering while also triggering development and social interaction that benefits their future. Now children can enjoy a beneficial screen-free activity with a newfound motivation that triggers learning and growth.



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Set Includes

237+ Piece Set:
(1) Drill with
(2) Screwdriver Heads
(1) Screwdriver
(1) Spanner
(80) Bolts
(60) Clips
(20) Nuts
(6) Corners,
(64) Pieces
(1) Pattern book
(1) Storage Case



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