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HawkVision Pro™ | Digital Night Vision Monocular


“I have a pair similar that cost much more but I prefer these because they are very clear and the range is better. The focus is easy to use and has numerous strength options. These are my go-to now. I recommend these to anyone looking for a night monocular.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dean Samuel
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For avid hunters, nighttime recreational hunting provides a great deal of adrenaline but it also poses an even bigger challenge. Although auxiliary lighting like flashlights provides visual guidance while hunting in pitch-black conditions, the sudden harsh light can startle the prey. Without the element of stealth and surprise, the much-awaited prized animal can easily escape, leaving the hunter frustrated and disappointed


Introducing HawkVision Pro™, a nighttime hunting and outdoor monocular gear that’s suitable for most rifles. The night vision camera is equipped with cutting-edge Infrared technology that’s made for stealth mode. Together with the built-in crosshair display, achieve pinpoint precision and accuracy. Finally, transition the hunt from day to night with the high-performing hunting device designed to work in any weather, and lighting conditions. 




How HawkVision Pro™ Will Change Your Life



The thin bezels are upgraded with a large LED screen display that provides high-resolution viewing. Together with the instantaneous adjustable brightness and contrast, handle any light conditions.


Suitable for most rifles, the night vision gear can function independently and still generate night vision lighting. The 18650 lithium battery powers the infrared fill light, enough to last the hunt while providing an effective range.



Hit the target with supreme accuracy with the easy-to-operate optical sight: adjust the magnification wheel, rotate the night vision device, and activate the fill light. Never miss the mark with the built-in crosshairs in the display.


Capable of withstanding shock and recoil of up to 0.308 calibers, lock, load and shoot seamlessly. Victoriously complete hunting stakeouts with the complete pitch black visibility gear made for the pros.



We understand that nighttime recreational hunting can instantly turn deadly, because of the lack of natural light. Limited vision for hunters can mean an increase in hitting the wrong target and encountering dangerous wildlife. Without proper light and vision, a fun outdoor excursion can instantly go haywire. Statistics show that 80% of hunting victims are accidentally shot by the person they’re hunting with. 


Thankfully with HawkVision Pro™, viewing clarity is significantly enhanced through the day and night mode sharpens the visual contrast. Paired with the multi-coated lens to reduce screen glare, unmistakably spot the target and prevent pot-shots at sound and movement. Safely lock load and shoot all in one seamless movement with the device’s night vision upgrade, and shock and recoil absorber.





Product Specification


 IR transmitter type: Independent 
✓ Riflescope diameter: 1 inch / 30mm
 Night vision distance: 100 - 200M
 Applicable Sight Lens Diameter: 35-45mm
 Screen Size: 4,3 inch
 Battery Type: 18650
 Include 32MB memory card and batteries.




Package Include

(1) x Digital camera
(1x Eyepiece tube
(1x Night vision screen
(1x Night vision support
(1x Infrared flashlight
(1) x Memory Card (32MB)
(3) x 18650 Batteries 




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