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Flairstand Pro™ Dual Phone Holder with Light for Content Creation

This exceeded my expectations! It doesn't feel or look cheap. It's nifty the way everything is contained within the base box. I love how you can adjust the color temperature, adjust the arms for the light and phone holder and even be able to pivot the phone. It even comes with a remote control! So cool!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Gerardo Martinez
 Verified Buyer


Creating captivating content is desirable to grow social media accounts and hold on to memories. However, lighting and lack of angles can sometimes restrict the creative inspiration of the creators. With millions of people posting daily, creators produce fresh and competitive content that can be hard to match without proper filming accessories.

Introducing FlairStand Pro™, a dual pole LED phone holder designed to offer a new emerging experience for digital creation. With dual fully adjustable heights holder, panoramic LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and 360-degree rotations, it's possible to create endless amounts of content. Stand out from the crowd, create better content for higher views and expand video, picture capabilities all in one with this MUST-HAVE device!




How FlairStand Pro™ Will Change Your Life


FlairStand Pro™ had unlimited functions as it includes dual pole stand reaches up to 30inches in height and has 360-degree rotations to capture any dual angle at once. Flawlessly doing live stream, overhead shots, shoot tutorials, and more!



Light up the workspace and effortlessly film or shoot in a captivating birds-eye view while also provide unique overhead angle Whether streaming, creating tutorials, or product photoshoots, FlairStand Pro™️ can be utilized to get amazing shots for a likeable content. 



With luminous LED lighting board that includes 3 modes of color temperatures, and 15 brightness levels for each. it's easy to compare multiple variations. Beautifully contour the face and highlight accents in both live streams and still images!


The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 12 hours and comes with a Bluetooth remote that has a ~10m range. With wireless capabilities, FlairStand Pro™ is versatile to be used both indoors and outdoors, wherever that creators feed their creative inspiration.


FlairStand Pro™ folds up into a stylish box that can be slipped into an included carrying bag to be brought anywhere! Be ready to shoot at any moment that sparks creativity and simply store it until the next use.



We understand that making content is a challenge with improper lighting and frame restrictions, causing pictures to be unclear or showcase unflattering angles. It can be frustrating to film only to find out it didn't turn out as expected. Social media content is becoming more competitive, a recent study by TeenVogue found that 67% of creators lose followers and revenue with poor video/image quality across all platforms.


Thankfully, FlairStand Pro™ is here to help create beautifulcaptivating content anytime, anywhere with effective lighting and endless shooting options! Whether for YouTube videos, TikTok, Instagram lives, or just for fun, FlairStand Pro™ is the perfect multifunctional, all-in-one accessory that offers the utmost flexibility for content creation. Experience a new way to create and win the content game today!



How to Use FlairStand Pro™ 



Product Specification

Material: Aluminium alloy, Plastic
Product dimension: 8.27 x 8.27 x 2.52 inches
Net weight: 3.3 pounds
Folded size: 8.3in / 21cm
Max height: 30in / 76 cm
Phone clip width: 1.9 - 3.6in
LED lifetime: 10,000 hours
Battery Capacity: 3600mAh
Power Supply: DC 5V/2A (USB Type-C)
Accessories: Remote Control, USB Type-C Cable
Anti-slip rubber pads  

Wireless Control 

Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Remote Controller Battery: 50mAh 3.8V
Button 1: Switch On/Off
Button 2: Controls Brightness Level
Camera Button: for distance selfies, start live streaming, recording, and vlogging
LED Light Color: White Light, Warm Light, Mixed Color Light Effect
Range: 10M



 LED Light Effects

Standard Time: 10h-12h
Light Effects: 15 Brightness levels
White Light: Level-1-5
Cold Light: Level-1-5
Mixed Color Light Effects: Level-1-5

Package Includes


1 x FlairStand Pro™
1x Bluetooth remote control
1x USB cable charger
1x Carrying Bag


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