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TechWipe™ | 7-in-1 Multifunctional Screen Headset Keyboard Airpod Cleaner Kit


"This kit is essential for cleaning my family’s AirPods. It cleans them very thoroughly and only takes a few seconds. The must-do maintenance will make them work better and last longer! Highly recommend!"

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Becky Romsland
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Keep Your Gadgets In Pristine Condition 

Make your gadgets last longer by simply upkeeping them with our handy TechWipe™. This small yet powerful tool clears away all types of dirt from every part of your gadget.


Our exclusive TechWipe™ is packed with 7 useful cleaning tools in its sleek body. This means that you can brush, wipe, pick, and dust away dirt in an instant, keeping your gadget overall dirt-free.




How TechWipe™ Will Change Your Life



There's no need to collect multiple cleaning tools to keep your gadgets nice and clean. All you need is the TechWipe™ to handle all your gadget cleaning jobs, whether you use it on your phone, laptop, or computer.


Silicone and plastic nip clean that sticky and tough dirt hidden between crack and hole; Plush brush cleans the dust sticks on acoustic mesh, shallow holes, and crack; charging hole cleaning brush cleans the dust and dirt hidden in those deep holes that you can’t reach out with fingers.



TechWipe™ includes screen cleaner mist and microfiber fiber cloth making a are cleaning, disinfecting, antistatic, and degreasing. Easy to remove the oil and fingerprint for the screen of a cell phone, tablet PC, laptop, indicator, TV; the glass of eyeglasses, and the lens and camera.


TechWipe™ includes a retractable brush and key remover, making replacing keycaps and cleaning the bottom of the keyboard hassle-free with the simple key puller. The high-density brush is large and firm enough to clean flat surfaces such as keyboards and desktops with less labor.



Even though it's packed with 7 different cleaning tools, the TechWipe™ remains compact. TechWipe fits smaller than the palm of your hand, making it an easy-to-carryThis way, you can take it with you when you travel in case your gadgets get dirty.


With its sturdy build, you can rely on the TechWipe™ to last for years. With proper use and care, the TechWipe™ is sure to keep your gadgets clean for the long haul.




Product Specification

Laptop cleaner kit
Size: 4.88*1.73*1.18 inches
Weight: 2.82oz

Earbud cleaning pen
Length: 3.4 inches
Weight: 0.35oz




Package Include

1 x Laptop cleaner set box
1 x Large high-density brush
1 x Fibre fleece swipe
1 x Earphone cleaning pen(include a metal tip, flock sponge, and mini high-density brush)
1 x Key puller
1 x spray bottle (empty)



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