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PawPouch™ | Comfy Pet Carrier

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"This carrier backpack is incredible! Strong, comfortable, and convenient for myself and my aging poodle. I can now take him anywhere! He adores it. He weighs 3kg and has plenty of room in the medium size. Much more convenient than any sling-style dog carrier I've tried. Worth every penny!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rebecca Romano
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Every pet owner wishes to travel with their pet in style, whether on vacation or to run errands around town. After all, pets are family members, and pet owners love taking their pets anywhere to share their lives with them. However, having them on a leash while running errands is not always a good idea for safety concerns. Heading to a public gathering or taking a long hike places the pet's safety at risk, especially for cats and small dog breeds.

PawPouch is a pet carrier backpack that allows pet parents to take their pets conveniently when going out by balancing the pet's weight in the center. Thanks to the mindful design and safety features included, PawPouch ensures the comfort and safety of the pet while on the go. This ultra-lightweight carrier promises comfortable carrying for an extended period with a hands-free experience, allowing us to enjoy the trip with the adorable pet.



How PawPouch Benefits Your Pet


SUPPORTS PET ANXIETY: PawPouch includes a drawstring adjustable peephole for pets to stick their heads out and observe their surroundings. The ability to glance around allows them to feel close to their taker, which helps soothe the anxious pet and enjoy the adventure together.


PREVENTS OVERHEATING: Crafted with pets' comfort in mind, Pawpouch is made of breathable mesh fabric and has an open-top design. This well-ventilated carrier allows optimal airflow and temperature control to ensure a pet's convenience while on the go.



✅ COMFY TO CARRY: Mindfully designed for long periods of comfortable carrying, PawPouch features a mesh nylon fabric, an adjustable padded strap, and a waist buckle for added stability. As a result, Pawpouch is an ergonomic lightweight carrier that is easy on the shoulder for a long outing.

✅ KEEP PETS SECURE: Keeping the pet safe creates a pleasant trip. PawPouch includes a safety hook that attaches to pets' harnesses and a thick rest bottom pad for resting on. These safety features keep pets contained and stable in the proper seating position when they snuggled inside for a long trip.


✅ BRING SUPPLIES EASILY: A blend of style and functionality, PawPouch has zippered side pockets and a front pocket to store supplies. The plenty of storage space comes in handy for carrying pet essentials such as treats, water, toys, litter box, making traveling with a pet stress-free.



We understand how stressful traveling with a pet can be, especially realizing that the need for constant safety and comfort can be challenging to address. Not knowing how the pet might react to the trip adds to the anxiety because a minor issue could derail an already overwhelming trip. However, the idea of leaving the most vulnerable family member at home is quite unthinkable. A recent study found that over 80% of dogs showed increased stress when left alone.

Thankfully, PawPouch provides an effortless way to take pets anywhere regardless of the pet's condition and the event. Utilizes an ergonomic design that makes carrying convenient while providing comfort and security for pets, allowing peace of mind for both the pet and the owner. Now pet owners can embark on the stress-free adventure together with confidence, knowing that everyone in the family is guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience.



Available in 3 Sizes

*If you're unsure about sizing, we recommend measuring your pet before opting for the size and going for a size bigger.


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