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PupNub™ | 4-in-1 Nifty Water Bottle


“This water bottle for your dog is like a Swiss army knife. It has all the features you need in one multipurpose tool. I took my dog for a long walk this weekend and used all the included functions. The only thing you would need to take along with it would be a collapsible bowl in which to pour the food. This is a great device to throw into a backpack for long walks or hikes.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chad Brader
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Whether walking the dog is done during the day or the night, there are non-negotiable dog essentials to bring that are often a hassle to carry around which include but are not limited to a water bottle and garbage bag. Lugging around these items while securing a hyperactive pup can be challenging. As a fur parent, it’s almost too tempting to leave at least one item, but it only makes the walk more difficult


Introducing PupNub™, a compact and lightweight pet owner gear that covers all the bases of walking a dog. Built to provide convenience, the bottle has separate chambers to store water, dog treat or snack, and a garbage bag. Attached to the side is a detachable shovel to make clean-up as orderly as it can be. With this nifty tool, have everything ready to go for all kinds of doggie outdoor trips.



How PupNub™ Will Change Your Life


Lessen the load when walking with the multifunctional dog water bottle that comes with food, water, garbage bag storage, and a poop shovel. The compact design allows for an easy-to-carry dog owner kit.




Simply store the potable water, snack, treat, and disposal bag in their respective containers, and detach the shovel as needed. A single button instantly dispenses the water and locks the water tank after use.




The O-shaped through design conforms to the dog’s oral structure while the silica gel seal ring reinforces the leak-proof feature so the pup can drink properly. Plus, Its 300ml water capacity provides sufficient hydration during daily walks.




Each section of the water bottle can be assembled and disassembled separately for trouble-free cleaning. The separate chambers for food and water, and excrement tools, eliminate the chances of cross-contamination.




We understand that dogs are a natural ball of energy that can run and play for days on end with almost little to no break. The problem is, all these physical activities not only become tiring for both pet and owner, but they can also cause dogs to consume less water than they’re losing. Studies show that dogs should consume one ounce per pound of their body weight to prevent dehydration, which doubles during a hot day or after a rigorous exercise.


Thankfully PupNub™ has a large-capacity water bottle that can store up to 300 ml of water so dogs can stay hydrated all day long. Suitable for one-handed use, easily dispense the water into the thorough with a press of a button. Paired with the ergonomically designed O-shaped thorough, reduce water spillage and increase the dog’s water intake. Enjoy daily walks without hydration-related concerns during and after the trip.




Product Specification


 Water capacity: 300ml
 Pet treat capacity: 150ml 
 Available in two colors of your choice:  Green or Pink



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