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SplashBlaze™ | Outdoor Sprinkler Pad for Pets & Kids



“This splash pad is a wonderful outdoor activity for the children and our dog! It is easy to set up in the backyard, the water pressure is adjustable and they all have so much fun. It’s great for those hot days now that they’re out of school.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Karen Leslie

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Summer is a great time to get outdoors with the family and enjoy the weather to create cherished memories. However, playing outside for long periods of time can be dangerous in the heat with the sun's UV rays. Finding healthy ways to cool down while having fun is important to keep everyone safe. 

Introducing SplashBlaze™️, a fun and interactive splash pad for pets, children, and the whole family! Play all day in the sun in the comfort of home while staying cool and protected from the heat. With an easy setup, this spray pool is portable and can help create special memories for years to come.




How SplashBash™ Benefits Your Pet


SplashBlaze™️ sprinkles refreshing water to help cool down on hot summer days. Getting wet is a great way to feel rejuvenated from the heat and stay safe to play for hours on end!



SplashBlaze™️ is a durable swim pad that is non-toxic BPA andphthalatesfree making it safe for both beloved pets and children. The pad is soft and scratch-proof for a long-lasting toy for many summers to come.


With endless ways to splash and play in the water,
SplashBlaze™️ is the perfect summer activity to play at home. Both pets and toddlers can enjoy splashing around together and creating cherished memories.



Setting up 
SplashBlaze™️ is a breeze with a lightweight design and straightforward assembly. Unfold the sprinkler and attach a garden hose for an instant play pad anytime!



We understand how it can be a challenge to keep the family entertained during the summer days, and having a fun place for them to play at home isn’t always easy. It can be worrisome to be in the heat for hours. A study done by Kids Health indicates that children and pets are especially vulnerable to sun damage and heatstroke

Thankfully, SplashBlaze™️ is an outdoor activity that can be set up instantly for a fun and refreshing play time in the comfort of home! Enjoy a safe way to play with the whole family and keep them entertained for hours. Stay cool this summer and create wonderful memories with pets and children!



⚠️Tips: Please trim your pets’ nails before using this water pad. Recommended for kids over 12 months. Children must be accompanied by adults. Inject the water slowly and gently to fullness, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



 Easy 4-Step Installation

Step 1 - Put the gasket on the connector
Step 2 - Install the water pipe connector
Step 3 - Connect the water pipe to the mat
Step 4 - Attach the water pipe to the faucet and fill the mat up with water



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