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Jetstream | Fan-Driven Showerhead

Package Set

Revolutionize Your Showering Experience

Soothe yourself with Jetstream, a fan-driven showerhead that produces high-pressure circling water flow. Make your home showering feel more luxurious and spa-like.

Jetstream uses turbofan technology to produce a light yet strong water spray that feels amazing and calming on your skin and efficiently cleans soap and shampoo.

 2x your water pressure
✓ Save water, save your bill
✓ Easy to install

Why Jetstream Is For You

✅  HIGH PRESSURE - Using an Innovative Turbofan Technology increases water pressure up to 200% from the normal flow. Works out soap and shampoo quicker

✅  SAVE WATER - the combination of H20 perforated technology and water-saving micro-holes reduces water consumption by up to 35%, saving up your bills.

✅  EASY TO USE - Featured with a rotatable neck for convenience and a stop button, so you don't have to readjust the temperature every time.

✅  SLEEK DESIGN - With a see-through turbofan design, water flow makes the bathing more enjoyable.

✅  TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION - With its universal fitting, Jetstream easily connects to any standard shower hose (not included) tool-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

- Does it work on stationary showers as well?
Yes! It works on both stationary showers and hose showers.
- Is it difficult to install?
Not at all! Simply screwing off your old showerhead and screwing on ours.
- Does it use more water than regular showerheads?
It uses 35% less water than any standard showerhead.
- What about the quality?
We use high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of Jetstream!
- Can the showerhead be tilted? 
Yes! The showerhead can be rotated 360° left and right, and adjusted 60° up and down.
Other Details
- Hose not included
- Material: ABS plastic
- Available In 3 Colors of your choice: Yellow, Silver, Red
- Complete with 1 (one) cartridge filter each
- Surface treatment: Chrome alloy